Codes and Ethics in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

As Solution Focused Hypnotherapists, we must all have an inner want to do good. We are people who want to help people, we care, we want the very best for anyone that we meet, we should respect people and live by the highest achievable moral standards, that should be reflected in the way we work and present ourselves. Having our own Moral and Ethical code, although vital, is subject to individual interpretation, it is therefore, beneficial and professionally responsible to adhere to a uniform code, that is based on client interests and is available to all who seek our help to see, giving reassurance and clarity to the treatment they will receive from all those that commit to that code.

NCH members have a primary care to protect the health and wellbeing of their clients, to fulfil this duty, it is based on the following principals,

To respect their client’s dignity, individuality and privacy

We should at all times maintain a practice where our client’s information, discussions and treatment are strictly confidential. To gain the trust of those that we meet is the most important aspect of the client, therapist relationship. By keeping discussions private, we maintain the clients Dignity and privacy. We treat the client with respect and their challenges are acknowledge and never dismissed or ignored. We empathise and consider the best possible treatment plan for each individual as everyone is different.

To be sensitive to cultural differences

There is no place for any forms of Discrimination, we should embrace and respect all cultures, beliefs, races, genders, ages and any other “ism” Some changes in structure or wording may need to be incorporated, we may need to be mindful when asking a “Miracle” question for those cultures that believe only their god or profit can perform these. We may have to be sensitive to language and the beliefs of the client. Accepting each client as an individual and being unique. We keep an open mind and the professional ability to structure sessions unique to the human sat across from you, to ensure the best working relationship.    

To respect each client`s right to be involved in decisions about their therapy and care

We work at one step behind the client, we follow their lead in therapy sessions. Agreement for the most effective direction of therapy is sought and customers are required to sign a statement agreeing to receive the therapy that we specialise in. In the case of minors, we seek the agreement of not just our client, but the parent or responsible caregiver. We have also to be mindful of those adults that may also have a carer and may be classed as vulnerable. Cooperation is the key to success, but the client is paramount and their interests should always be the primary driver whist under our care. We seek agreement to continue with treatment and procedure on an ongoing basis.

To be trustworthy and honest

We treat every client with respect and at all times keep the client/therapist relationship at the upmost of professionalism. We commit to our code of practice to ensure this is demonstrated. All those adhering to the code would have to have an Enhanced DBS check and report. Any convictions are reported to the NCH as are any verbal or written cautions to ensure a record of such things are held and decisions can be made regarding the suitability of the practitioner.

We must also be mindful to follow through with any promises made, avoiding promises that would never be fulfilled. We cannot falsely state cures, success rates or remedies that may not materialise, we can though give hope.    

 To provide a good standard of Hypnotherapy practice

 Our working environments should be safe, appropriate, client focused and adequately comfortable to allow the clients to feel relaxed, whist promoting professionalism. We should continually develop our skills and seek regular supervisor assessment sessions to discuss process and best outcomes, whilst maintaining the client/ therapist confidentiality. If a client’s situation or problem is above the level of competence of the therapist, the client should be referred to a more appropriate and experienced therapist, with the permission of the client.

 To protect clients from the risk of harm

 The client’s welfare is at the forefront of everything we do. We allow clients to be the best judge of their lives and the decisions they make, but if we feel that the client is at risk of harming themselves or others, we reserve the right to inform the relevant authority or practitioner. This exception to confidentiality should be discussed with the client in the first instance and it may be appropriate to have a section on the GDPR notice highlighting this, for example

To cooperate with other healthcare colleagues as necessary

Permission to communicate with the client’s medical practitioner is sought at the initial consultation and is used only in circumstances where intervention or clarification from medical practitioners is in the best interest or requested by the client. 

The code of Ethical Conduct and Performance is a bench mark that we must adhere to. Any breaches in the code by ourselves or those that come to light from other practitioners must always be reported to ensure the integrity and professionalism of our governing body. By having rules we provide a framework to work to and ensure we provide the best service we can give to encourage our clients to live better lives… 

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