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Workplace mental health services Swindon

Corporate psychotherapy is becoming more popular with employers that want to provide additional support to their staff. It can be used to address a variety of issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and work-life balance. Corporate psychotherapy can help employees to improve their mental health, which can lead to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and improved morale.

There are many benefits to providing corporate psychotherapy services. For employees, it can provide a safe and confidential space to discuss their personal and professional challenges. It can also help them to develop coping mechanisms and strategies for dealing with stress and other stressors. For employers, corporate psychotherapy can help to improve employee retention, reduce turnover, and increase productivity.

The Benefits of on-site Psychotherapy in the workplace

Here are some of the benefits of corporate psychotherapy:

  • Increased productivity: Employees who are mentally healthy are more likely to be productive at work. They are less likely to call in sick, and they are more likely to be engaged in their work.
  • Decreased absenteeism: Employees who are mentally healthy are less likely to miss work due to illness or injury. This can save companies money on healthcare costs and lost productivity.
  • Improved morale: Employees who feel supported by their employer are more likely to have positive morale. This can lead to a more positive work environment and a decrease in turnover.
  • Reduced stress: Employees who are mentally healthy are better able to manage stress. This can lead to improved physical health, as well as improved mental health.
  • Increased creativity: Employees who are mentally healthy are more likely to be creative and innovative. This can lead to new ideas and solutions that can benefit the company.


There are a variety of corporate packages available to suit the needs of your business.
Large organisations often require a drop in facility for their employees, which can be arranged at set days each week or maybe you would like to offer your staff psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as a company benefit which could be arranged on an adhoc basis.  I also work with companies on a retainer arrangement with flexible hours over the year.
Please contact me with your requirements and I will taylor a package that works for you.
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