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Weight loss and Management in Swindon with Hypnotherapy

Losing weight in Swindon is fundamentally one of the most difficult things to do. We all need to eat to live, so we can’t just quit food.
Many of us eat with our eyes, we are tempted by delicious advertisements and wonderfully designed packaging. Two for One deals, special offers, large portions that would be a waste not to eat and the dreaded question… “Are we having a pudding?"  
We start diets, but only on a Monday after one last blow out on a weekend. If we have a treat, we think we have blown it and then go for it until tomorrow.
We do the latest trend diet that loses large amounts of weight, only to then gradually creep the weight back on. Losing and maintaining weight is tough, there is no denying that. 

The solution is very basic

Eat a balanced heathy diet and get enough exercise to burn off any excess calories taken in over and above the recommended daily intake……..

The problem comes when there is a lack of motivation and will power and when life gets in the way of your best intentions. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Swindon helps you to have a healthy relationship with food, to reduce the anxiety around food, to encourage you to be more positive about yourself and may even help your sleeping patterns and general feelings of self-worth. 

I offer a weight management course which is 5 sessions over a number of weeks. This includes a Virtual Gastric Band session, which has proved very successful with clients who struggle with portion control.

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