for PTSD and Trauma

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for PTSD and Trauma

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PTSD and Trauma Therapy Swindon
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PTSD and Trauma Therapy in Swindon and Online.

If you have had an incident or a trauma in the past that you are struggling to come to terms with. Maybe you feel these memories are holding you back and make you feel anxious today. If you do i can help you overcome these feelings in a relaxing and controlled way. 


The effects of trauma are made far worse when you have high levels of anxiety. The first part of the recovery process, is to reduce anxiety and to get your sleep patterns back to normal. Often nightmares and poor sleep are reduced considerably after only a few sessions.
The process we will use together is completly confidential. If you prefer not to tell me the reason that you require my help, then this is completely understandable and we can still remove the feelings you have, without ever disclosing the cause. You will not have to discuss the trauma unless it is helpful to you. We focus on the solution and not the cause. 
My aim is for you to be able to change your thoughts and the triggers relating to your past trauma and make it far less of an impact in your life. 
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