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Testimonials for Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Swindon

Anxiety Swindon

“I just wanted to say thank you so much. I never thought I would be off medication after 6 years and I finally am. When I came to you I was at breaking point after trying everything, now I feel so much better and I’m not even relying on medication. I couldn’t have done this without your help. 100% recommend and would suggest for anyone with anxiety/ health anxiety. Thanks again.”

Phobia - Wroughton

"I have gone from being petrified of spiders, to being able to catch them in a jar and release them. Gary is so patient and I cannot thank him enough. He has changed my life and made me less anxiouse and relaxed.I would recommend him to anyone"

PTSD - Bristol

"I started hypnotherapy sessions with Gary as I was suffering with PTSD.  Traumatic memories kept repeating on me and causing me a lot of anxiety.  

Gary was extremely approachable and personable.  He explained how the mind works to me which was so helpful.  

Each session with Gary reduced my anxiety and I went away feeling really positive and relaxed.  

Gary also did some NLP techniques with me which completely stopped my flash backs and I no longer carry that fear around with me.  This has been a godsend."

General Anxiety - Swindon

"I just need to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!. Its been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you..

Your advices were very efficient and it was so easy for me to trust you. I feel so much better with myself and prepared for whatever life throws at me because I'm a lot more confident and mentally prepared after the therapy course.

I think you are great human, very professional but also kind and honest, true influencer and role model. I'll miss talking to you.. Wish you all the best with life and work and many more happy clients!"

Anxiety - Royal Wootton Bassett

"Gary, this has honestly been the best therapy Janet has ever had. You are very patient and even after just 2 visits, she has come so far. I cant thank you enough and even now as I type thisI have a little tear in my eye of how grateful I am, it will make a huge difference!"

Anxiety and Phobia - Swindon

"I immediately felt comfortable and felt assured that Gary was a kind professional with my interests at the forefront. He listened to my fears without any judgement and although he was there to help, he helped me see that the only person who could change myself was me. I had 4 sessions in total and with each session I had grown a confidence that I would be able to get a grip on my fear and be able to deal with it. I just never thought I would be doing this or be at this point. It sounds like a cliche but it really is life changing as I don't even look out for them as much now. Before I would look around the room just waiting to see one. These sessions haven't only helped me with my spider phobia, but it has helped me see I am capable of so much more. That what I think I cannot do, I probably can and will."

Anxiety - Royal Wootton Bassett

"Gary's Hypnotherapy is such an amazing way to cope with issues in a relaxing environment, felt more confident in day to day life and has helped to manage stress much more efficiently. It's so nice to not have to find a route to your problem, instead working together to find solutions to fix the issues. Cannot recomend Best Mind Therapy enough !"

Smoking Cessation - Cirencester

“I booked in with Gary to stop smoking as I’d tried everything else. One session later and I haven’t looked back! I’m so, so grateful, he is absolutely brilliant! He has the most calming way about him and such a calming voice. The recording he gave me to listen to sends me to sleep in no time at all and I feel so much more in control of my life. I can’t thank him enough”

Trauma and PTSD - Swindon

"Gary is a great therapist,  he makes you feel relaxed and at ease. He has a lovely private, safe, warm area he uses away from the house. He recently helped me with some emotional trauma and I have been coping much better since. I would certainly recommend Gary to anyone needing help"

Health Anxiety - Swindon

"I dont quite know what you've done to me, but my blood pressure is now right down !!"

Insomnia - Swindon

"I think what you do should be available on the NHS. Since seeing you, I am sleeping through the night. I dont even wake up to go to the toilet anymore. Thank you for everything you have done"

Needle Phobia - Swindon

"I have finally managed to have my winter vacinations, thank you so much for helping me. I still cant quite believe how relaxed i was ! Thank you so much ! "

Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Swindon

"Nothing has ever helped me in the past. I now feel like the person I want to be. I am now so calm and relaxed and have never felt this good. Gary is amazing and I cant recommend him enough. He is a life saver" 

Phobia - Cirencester

"My daughter was petrified of dogs, she would hide behind me when we saw one and tremble with fear, after only 3 sessions with Gary, she is now stroking and picking up dogs and it is no longer a battle every time we see a dog. This was life changing not only for my daughter but as a family we can now go out and not worry when we see dogs!

Thanks Gary we are so very grateful! Xx"

Diving Fear - Chippenham

"Thank you so much Gary, your sessions helped me really learn to be more positive even when I dont feel like it! Keep doing what you are doing youre making a difference"

Anxiety - Swindon

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything, you're an amazing person and I really appriciate you. You help a lot of people and its clear that you make a positive impact in peoples lives."
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