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Driving Anxiety Swindon

 Have you become a nervous driver and struggling with confidence on the roads?
Maybe you are avoiding Motorways, dual carridgeways or bridges?
Are you stopping yourself from driving to places you would love to visit because you have lost the confidence?
You may have had an accident and need a little help getting yourself back on the road again?


Driving Test Anxiety Swindon

Have you tried and failed your test due to nerves? 
Is the thought of your test making you anxious and stopping you from booking it?

The thought of a driving test can create large levels of anxiety. The fear around the test can lead to a loss of control and judgement on the big day. 

Many people struggle with the unknown of a driving test, no matter how competent they are as a driver and no matter how many lessons that they may have had.
Over a period of 6 weeks, we will reduce the anxiety around driving using a proven combination of methods including Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and Visualisation excercises. Changing the way you feel about driving, reducing the fear that you have and increasing confidence.
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