Maintaining a professional appearance in hypnotherapy

We only get one chance to make a good first impression, but we get far more opportunities to make bad ones!

Maintaining a professional appearance is not just about how we dress or if we have shaved or whether our hair is a mess. People can indeed look and dress how they like and some people look good no matter what they are wearing or what colour their hair is this week. But for the rest of us, maintaining a professionally casual look whilst at work is preferred. Smart casual, in my opinion, is an acceptable way to dress, a shirt, chinos and a jacket, gives the impression that we take care of ourselves and have a little pride. Ripped jeans, T-shirts, shorts and trainers, have no place in my the practice room. We should consider what we wear a uniform and get ready to work each morning looking professional and ready for the day.   

The way we act is also very important, we should ensure we behave in a way that complies with the codes of conduct of the societies that we are members of, for example the NCH and AfSFH. We treat every client with respect and at all times keep the client/therapist relationship at the upmost of professionalism. We commit to our code of practice to ensure that this is demonstrated. We must also be mindful to follow through with any promises made, avoiding promises that would never be fulfilled. We cannot falsely state cures, success rates or remedies that may not materialise, we can though give hope.    

Our working environments should be safe, appropriate, client focused and adequately comfortable to allow the clients to feel relaxed, whist promoting professionalism. We should maintain a high level of cleanliness and not work in a mess, if we can’t keep our work areas tidy, how can we be trusted to help our clients?

Our correspondences with our clients should be well written, spell checked and precise to ensure the client understands exactly what we are saying. Stationary, business cards, appointment cards, should give the right impression and not be tacky or advertising false hopes.

Our websites are often the first contact that we have with our customers, making sure they are updated with new information, news, blogs regularly, displays we are serious about our profession. The theme of the site too should portray the practice, it should give hope, show empathy and be professional.

Above all, how we treat our clients is of the upmost importance and makes a huge impression, we should treat them respectfully and professionally. They are our clients, not our mates!!

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