Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - clients understanding

When we first see our clients for an initial consultation, we gather information using our Information gathering form and then we proceed to give a presentation of the workings of the mind, this is always customised with information taken from the client to make it relevant and specific to their needs.

During this presentation, questions are encouraged at every opportunity. I prefer to break this presentation down into sections,

The Brain

Polar Bears



Stress bucket


The 3 P`s



At the end of each section, I check the clients (and Companions) understanding of what has just been shared, this allows for any clarification needed to be given before we move onto the next section. We can then, at the end, discuss any further questions or queries that the client may have. In the main, the more detailed an explanation, the less questions there are. We review this presentation at every future session to further reinforce understanding.

We must ensure that the client knows what to expect from us going forward, we can discuss the format of future sessions, how many sessions we feel the client would benefit from and any other administration that we feel is needed. I always encourage clients to contact me by email with any questions they may have after the sessions and I always call them back with the answers, phone is the preferred option for contact as its more personal and allows for the clients understanding to be checked.

Putting the clients mind at ease, allowing them to see our trust in the process, will start the positive change of mindset needed immediately and give the client hope.

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