The Working Alliance in Hypnotherapy

We work towards developing a working alliance from the very first interaction with the client, this could be on the phone, in person or by email. The initial consultation is where we can make a big impact, we can show that we understand and appreciate what may be going on in their minds by customising the workings of the brain presentation to suit the clients needs, which shows we have listened and understand.

Clients need to feel welcome, we always thank them for coming to see us, we can make our practice rooms comfortable and welcoming, a nice private space where they can feel free to discuss their issues. We smile, we show we are happy that they chose us to help them improve their lives.

We remain non judgemental at all times, we can ask why clients, feel or think in the way they do and show interest, but we never take the moral highroad and judge their views negatively. We have to show that we are playing for the same team, not against each other.

Even though solution focused Hypnotherapy follows the same format at most sessions, we also must ensure we have planned and organised ourselves to accept our clients, having everything we need close to hand. A file specifically for the client shows them that they are unique and that their therapy sessions are designed just for them, which shows we care.

We ensure we ask what the clients wants from the session and at the end of the session ask if there is anything we have missed, this adds value to the session and shows the client that we are working with them.

Having an interest in things other than therapy is important, we can make notes of hobbies the client is interested in, or things that have planned to give us something light to talk about to ensure the correct part of the brain is being used in the sessions. This also shows a genuine interest in the client’s life.

Humour is important, but only when the relationship is at a stage where this is appropriate, we should make therapy fun when we can.

We focus on the clients needs at all times, they are driving our sessions, we are just a temporary passenger that just happens to be sitting beside them on their journey.  A good working alliance takes time and shouldn’t be forced, it should be as natural as two people just getting to know each other with no pressure.

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