Checking Understanding in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

It is far too easy to assume that clients understand what we are saying, regular checks should be made to make sure that the language we are using is easy to understand and what we are saying is relevant. We should ask questions, for example “does that make sense” or “does that sound familiar to you” we should look out for body language, the client may nod, smile or show emotion at a particular section of the Initial consultation, they may even offer suggestions to the similarity to themselves during the presentation.

Reviewing “how the mind works” from the Initial Consultation, on sessions 1 onwards, helps to ascertain if the client has remembered the previous presentations and is a measure of their understanding.

I encourage questions at all times and suggest that if there is something that the client doesn’t understand, then it is my lack of care in explaining it correctly that has caused them to not understand.

The more the client understands, the more tools they have to find solutions!

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