Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Initial Consultations

The initial consultation is one of the most important stages of the time we will be spending with our clients. It is an opportunity to build rapport and gather important information to ascertain what we will be helping them with and how we will deliver it. We utilise a specific information gathering form to complete this. Information gathered is used to adapt our workings of the mind presentation to allow us to make it relevant to the client’s needs, offering suggestions as to why they may be feeling like they do and what we can do to help. We follow the same structure, for the most part, with every Solution Focused Hypnotherapy session, but use client specific information to make it relevant to them.

We draw out information on how we can help, what is the client’s goal or goals if therapy is successful. This is vital as we have a starting point and an instant miracle question/ scaling conversation when we see the client at the next session. We can also review this goal regularly to keep the sessions on track and show them how they are moving towards that goal in a positive way.

Details on their immediate family is taken, which allows us to understand the workings of the family and to bring questions to the client for example “what would your husband John think if he saw you less anxious” “how would your children react” etc, allowing us also to understand the support network of our client.

Phobias, addictions, habits, sleep patterns are noted, as these could be causes, or side effects, of the issues that the client has decided to come and see us about. We know that poor sleep is a factor in reducing the brains’ ability to empty our “Stress Buckets” the more stress in that bucket, the less likely our clients are to have the capacity to lose their phobia or addiction or reduce general strass levels. Knowing these pieces of information give us clues to the direction to take.

We need to know details of the Drs Practice and whether the client is on medication, also what the medication is used for, there may be situations where therapy may not be continued until clarification from the GP is sought as to the suitability of our sessions, Psychotic or clinically depressed clients, for example.

It is also wise to find out what previous therapy they may have received, to enable us to build on this, or try something different.

We have to be sensitive in gathering information, we should take whatever is offered by the client and use what is helpful only. We should appear inquisitive, but not overtly nosey! If the client wishes not to give us the basic levels of information, we should be curious as to why, as they may be hiding something that could prevent us from continuing therapy. A discussion with our supervisor on this matter would be the best course of action.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapists can work without knowing all the facts, but having a basic understanding adds to our resources to ensure the best possible way forward for our clients.

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