Why might a Therapist refuse a client ?

As therapists, we reserve the right to choose who we work with. The reasons for not working with clients, should never be made on reasons of discrimination, if this would be the case, the therapist is in the wrong profession and is in breach of the code of ethics for the NCH and AfSFH.

There may be times when a therapist chooses not to work with a particular client for some of the reasons below,

If the therapist feels the clients’ needs are above his/her experience level.

If a client is aggressive or behaves inappropriately.

Clients that don't actually want to see a therapist and show extreme resistance to the process

Clients under the influence of drink or drugs.

Those clients taking medication that would need referring to a GP before the sessions continue.

Clients with strong beliefs that go against the therapists’ moral codes.

Clients that continually cancel appointments at short notice or don't settle their bills

Friends where it could be considered to change the dynamic of the future relationship.

It could be the client doesn’t want to attend and is being forced to attend sessions.

Those in a relationship with the therapist

All clients should be referred to another more suitable therapist in the event of any of the above and discussed at supervision to ensure we do not turn away anyone that needs our help. Helping them to find alternative therapy, could be more beneficial to the client in the long run.

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