What might a Hypnotherapist consider before working with a client ?

Clients should not be treated without written consent. Consent to hold the information gathered and for receiving Hypnotherapy. This ensures clients are willing to proceed with therapy and to understand its uses and benefits.

If a client doesn’t want to be hypnotised, this could be classed as without consent.

If you’re not sure you can help them, if their presented problem is not one we can help with, it would be unethical to take them as a client

If the Therapist is underqualified, they would need referring to a more qualified therapist.

If a client wants help with a medical ailment that has not been diagnosed by a GP. For example, IBS, severe headaches or skin conditions.  Underlying reasons for medical complaints need checking by a GP, to ensure that the correct treatment is given. We are a complimentary therapy and cannot diagnose and therefore assume that the complaint is anxiety related..

Clients with Psychosis or a personality disorder. If it is identified at the initial Consultation that a client is or has been diagnosed whether currently taking medication or has previously taken it, then at these times we should contact their GP and our supervisor for advice. We should get clarification that what we can do for the client, will do no harm. I strongly believe that if the Solution Focused Hypnotherapist has even the slightest reservation regarding dealing with a client with a diagnosed Mental Illness, they should refer to a colleague with the experience to give the level of support the client needs. We should always work within our limits of experience to give the best possible care. 

We should also not treat a client who may show signs of making physical harm to themselves or to others. Although we work to reduce stress and anxiety levels in our clients, if the situation is potentially dangerous, we should inform the appropriate resource.

Common sense should come into play regarding this issue. Remembering we should do no harm and have the clients’ best interests at heart will guide us to make difficult decisions when we feel that treatment cannot be given safely and effectively.

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