What are Suggestibility Tests in Hypnosis?

Suggestibility tests are used to identify how susceptible a person is to Hypnosis. These tests are not generally used or needed in the Clinical setting as a light relaxed trance is considered enough for most clients to be open to suggestion and to allow the conscious and unconscious mind to work together to find solutions. As solution focused therapists, we would not encourage suggestibility tests as we would not want the client to think they have failed if the required response is not shown, they may well then believe they cannot be hypnotised and then resist therapy.

These tests can be sometimes used with children as an ice breaker or something they could be taught to try on their parents. A particular favourite, is to hold both arms out, one holding a brick and the other being held aloft with balloons, not many clients fail to show a response to this. But this should not be used, in my belief, as a measure, just a little fun to sometimes relax a child.

Suggestibility tests are often used by stage hypnotists to find the next star of their show, a series of tests would be carried out on the audience to weed out the more suggestable audience members to allow a good display of riding imaginary horses or eating raw onions.

We utilise trance in our process that is induced by a guided relaxation piece that allows the client to enter a state of tranquillity to focus the mind on what has been discussed in the session and to feel rested and calm when brought back to wakefulness. We do not need clients to be too deep into hypnosis to achieve our and their goals.

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