What is an Abreaction ?

Abreaction is the expression and consequent release of a previously repressed emotion, achieved through reliving the experience that caused it (typically through hypnosis or suggestion) this is not something that Solution Focused Therapists practice in, we do not focus on upsetting or painful moments from the past, we seek solutions to make tomorrow a better day.

From time to time, we have clients that may well experience an emotional response, which could lead to upset. In moments like this, we should show empathy and understanding. We need in these instances to work towards getting the client to move from the right pre frontal cortex to the positive left pre frontal cortex, to continue with the therapy process. Under no situations should trance be used if a client is upset as this would not provide the best therapeutic experience and may undo any works previously done. I recently had a client burst into tears during an initial consultation, as she finally understood why she was feeling like she did, this though was a release of emotion and not necessarily a negative release. On this occasion, humour was used to refocus the client, which led to a very productive session.

We can acknowledge upset, but we must remain focused in a caring way to get the client to stop shedding those tears that they will never have to shed again. By remaining calm and professional we should focus the client on positive thoughts to allow the negative emotions to subside.

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