Elements of CBT in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

The Solution Focused Hypnotherapy process does not necessarily give tasks between sessions. Although, we do use elements of CBT, which does set tasks, the difference would be, in CBT they check to see if tasks have been completed, in SFH we don’t... we rely on the client telling us as something that may have been good, or something that has helped since the last session. We do not ask, as we do not want the client to feel he or she has failed in any way.

We do encourage actions between sessions, one of those is to listen to our guided relaxation MP3 as a means of self-hypnosis and to find moments of hypnotic trance between sessions and to aid the therapy process. This gets our clients used to our voices, which in turn helps them to enter trance more easily when they come for a session. It trains their mind to accept suggestion through repetition and makes the most of the improved sleep that it will encourage, therefore hopefully improving REM (rapid eye movement sleep)

Part of our Initial consultation and the workings of the mind presentation explains the physiology of the brain and how we keep a constant flow of beneficial neurotransmitters, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins flowing through our bodies. We use a caveman metaphor to explain the rewards our ancestors received for Positive Actions, Positive interactions and Positive thinking We rely on a good explanation of the physiology of the brain, the MP3 and the work we have done with the client on a subconscious level, to encourage self help and we hope, as the client has come to see us for help, that they will attempt to make small changes in these areas, to aid their journey towards their goals.

We can of course, jump on a suggestion from the client of something that they will do and ask them if indeed they will try it or do it, if we believe it will have a potential positive outcome. Asking them if they will try it and what they think will be better if they did? But again, we would hope that the self-set task was completed, but we would wait to be told if they have.

The swish technique is something we can train our clients to use between sessions, if they feel this would be helpful, something very easy that they can do at anytime during the day when they have a few moments. Once this is taught, the client has it for a lifetime and can use it in many different situations.

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