Task setting in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

The Solution Focused Hypnotherapy model does not necessarily assign tasks between sessions, the clients may suggest that they will do something in between sessions based on something we may have said, for instance we may suggest that some of our clients keep a record of things that they found positive each day or record things that they are thankful for. If they choose to do this, we would not ask them of their progress as if they have failed to complete it, it may put them in a negative frame of mind.

We do though, suggest that they listen to our MP3 recording each evening before they go to sleep, as this will assist the work that we are doing together, this is mentioned in the initial consultation and revisited when we recap on the workings of the mind at the next session. If we are to encourage any task or homework, the recording is the one, as it keeps up the therapeutic benefits of using the left prefrontal cortex and emulates REM sleep, which helps anxiety levels and aids problem solving.

As the structure of our sessions contains scaling and the miracle question, we rely on the client to subconsciously work towards their goals between sessions, based on the small steps that they stated could be done to move themselves up the scales.

The Swish technique is one we can teach and encourage the client to use, I have utilised this with sports performance coaching where clients have a high level of anxiety prior to making a move, for instance weightlifting, where the pre lift is the moment of anxiety and achieving the lift is the moment of success.

Positive thinking, Positive Interactions and Positive activity can be encouraged, if we have described the benefits correctly during the workings of the brain presentation, we would hope subconsciously the client will be working towards this.

Whilst saying goodbye, we can of course ask the client to “keep up the good work” a task in itself!! 

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