Termination of Trance in Hypnosis

Termination of trance is very simple, there is no need to count the client out of trance, asking them to open their eyes is enough to bring them to full wakefulness. But if we do this simple method, we miss a great opportunity to suggest positive things, as the client is still very much open to suggestion at this stage.

Giving positive suggestions while exiting trance is a powerful tool. It could be the very last, or only suggestion that they remember during their session. Clients should always leave in a positive frame of mind, feeling great and very relaxed, knowing that they feel different and refreshed and that they enjoyed the experience.

It may be appropriate to suggest things relevant to their goals or how they will feel when they are further up the “scale” of if used during a smoking cessation session, how much more the smell of cigarettes puts them off ever wanting one again! Short, Sharp, focussed suggestions to help them on their journey.

There are many ways to exit, I like to personalise the exit specific to the clients’ goals, just as little nudges in the right direction. We mustn’t lose sight that the client is very much open to suggestion post trance and being positive and complimentary of how well they did during the session is valuable to boost positivity further and encourage the client to “keep up the good work” between sessions.


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