Hypnotic Inductions in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

I mainly use progressive relaxation inductions, which allow a gentle drift into trance. The subject matter of the script though, I base on what information that I can get from the client at the initial consultation.

I find that for people who like holidays, tropical island and beach style scripts work well as they can imagine a beach that they know or enjoy. Walkers or ramblers may like to picture green hills and meandering paths, leading down a valley. Climbing down stairs is a classic, but I did have a lady who found her imagination didn’t picture a lovely stately home, but a grim old castle that made her feel cold and nervous, the next session we changed to stairs leading down to a beautiful beach, which she enjoyed so much more. Gardeners enjoy gardens, the closer you can make the induction to something the client can picture, the more effective the trance.

Avoiding any reference to the phobia of the client is wise, if the client is afraid of heights, stairs could be avoided, people with a fear of water or large sea birds, would not be as comfortable walking along a beach.

I use eye fixation for children as this encourages eye closure and then can lead to a progressive relaxation without them opening their eyes.

Common sense and listening to the client at the IC will help in selecting the best induction, to allow our clients to access their subconscious minds.

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