What is a Hypnotic Induction ?

A Hypnotic induction is used to induce a state of trance in a client. There are many methods to do this.

In the main, for Solution focused Hypnotherapy we only need a light relaxing trance to help us with our work, so a relaxing progressive relaxation induction can be used for most people. A walk down some stairs in an old stately home to a room or maybe a walk down from a green hill to a beach, just listening to the story and the client imagining that they are the one walking is enough for them to drift off into a lovely place.

Other methods, but not an exhaustive list, are

Pattern Interruption, where a handshake is adapted by the therapist to confuse the client into trance.

Metaphorical Inductions, where we tell a story or a fairy tale, with hidden suggestions inside.

Confusion inductions, which use a play on language to confuse the mind into trance.

Arm levitation, where clients are encouraged to notice different feeling in their arms

Eye fixation, where a client stares at something until their eyes are so heavy, they have to close.

Fractionalisation is where you get the client to come in and out of trance to gradually go deeper.

Any change in a client’s emotion can be used to encourage trance, if they laugh or cry or a loud noise makes them jump, a skilled Hypnotherapist can use these emotion changes to induce a trance like state.

Each client is individual and not everything works on everyone and it may take a little practice to find the most appropriate method.

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